A large bull elephant in the camp

By Patrick O’Brien on April 26, 2008

A large bull elephant somehow managed to get into the camp…

A staff member forgot to close the electric fence after returning from a game drive. This gave the large bull time to get into the camp and make use of the camps water resource by breaking the ripping up the water pipes. Much to my dismay, I bumped into the large elephant on my way to work at 5 am in the morning. Of course one never expects to physically bump into an elephant a mere 2 meters away. I managed to get him out of the camp after using some rather persuasive methods.

By Patrick O‘Brien – Head guide.
Large Bull Elephant - by Patrick O'Brien

3 thoughts on “A large bull elephant in the camp

  1. Hi Patrick, I have seen your amazing photos what brings back all the memories from our stay. THANK YOU again for the unforgettable expierence and wonderful time we had at Kings Camp.

    All the best from Annemarie and Rosie

  2. Hi Annemarie and Rosi.

    Thank you for posting your first comment on Kingsblog.

    The images are my pleasure.

    You are welcome to visit us at any time.

    Next time we are going to Botswana together.

    Regards Patrick

  3. OK,Patrick, what persuasive methods does one use to get a large pachyderm out of one’s territory? Did you say "please"? Joy from Camarillo CA

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