A safari of a different nature…..

By Warren Moore on November 30, 2010

MornĂ©, Melissa, Lisha and I …..

headed off to England last weekend to watch the mighty Boks play England at Twickenham. Here we are outside the world famous Hamley’s Toy store collecting our tickets. What a dream day we had with a fantastic victory over England in freezing conditions. I have never been so cold in all my life but the sweet victory and pint or two saw us through. The English fans were very hospitable and gentleman in defeat! A very big thank you to Dave and Vicky Reed, our dear friends who have organized our trip to the UK.
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8 thoughts on “A safari of a different nature…..

  1. Good to see you guys are having fun…even with all that warm-wear!

    Cute hats!

    I’d still trade London for KingsCamp any day though.

    Stay well, stay safe.

    Kindest regards.


  2. Cold here in SoCal too! Hard to believe we are in global warming. Our snow level dropped to 3500 ft…I think that is about 1050 meters. That means snow in our high desert not just local mountains. Ski people are in 7th heaven.

    You all really do look cute! London is so much fun, but as Moira says, I’d still trade for Kings Camp any day!

    Joy in Camarillo

  3. We knew you were over here for the match and kept a look out for you in the crowd! Why oh why anybody would leave your beautiful country for the UK winter is beyond me! Glad you are enjoying. If I remember rightly you and Lisha are off to watch Liverpool while you are over here – hope you bring us luck, we need it!

  4. dear Warren and Lisha,

    it is still very cold also in Belgium, a lot of snow, wich is very unusual for us living at the coast, and min 6 -8 c?….what a difference with our last days in Kings Camp, we should have stayed longer…but we have great pictures and the best memories off all of you!

    latest news of the lion?

    Katrien (the tallest) and Patrick

  5. Would always swop London with KingsCamp!

    We had a wonderful stay and celebrated my birthday in the bush – got spoiled rotten! Saw a 6 day old Eli – soooo cute! the white lions were stunning – lodge and staff were wonderful!

    hope to see you during my next visit

    hugs Franzi

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