A spectacular leopard cub sighting this morning

By Patrick O’Brien on April 17, 2008

My guests and I were blessed with one of the best leopard cub sightings I have seen in 3 years

The Mbali leopardess found a dead buffalo carcass during the early hours of this morning. It is believed that the old buffalo died due to an injury that he somehow obtained.

Naturally, she scavenged from the free meal with her two new cubs.

This is only my second sighting of the cubs. They played and chased each other around for minutes at a time. I have captured this cute image of the two playing within meters from the vehicle.

Be sure to watch the blog, as I will be posting more pictures tomorrow. We have to go now as we are off on game drive to view the cubs again.

By Patrick O‘Brien.

Mbali leopardess new cubs by Patrick O'Brien

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