Active hyena den confirmed !

By Morné Hamlyn on September 26, 2008

The follow-up proved successful and we found the den…

A few images from the den, taken today.

There was not much activity as most of the clan members was already gone to forage. The matriarch however stayed longer to nurse her baby.
Entance 1Main entance
Little queen. Photography, Morné HamlynIs your teeth clean? Photography, Morné Hamlyn

We will keep you updated.


4 thoughts on “Active hyena den confirmed !

  1. Very nice Morné! This should become a nice opportunity for you to witness some incredible interaction, no?

    Give my best to Melissa . . .


  2. Congratulations on this great find Morné. I am certain it will provide for many interesting hours of viewing for you and your guests.

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