All in less than a week!!

By Morné Hamlyn on April 27, 2008

I’ve only been back from off-days for six days now and the sightings thus far was stunning…

The following images will unfold the happenings of the week.

From the Machaton male lion digging for a warthog and lightning displays in the african skies to a very rare sighting of ostiches!! The Schobele pride also managed to feed from the buffalo carcass that hosted the leopard earlier this week.
Digging for a warthogSchobele cubs feeding
Mangajan on a killM'bali cub
M'bali cubLightning srtikes
Schobele lioness with Pat in the backgroundA rare sighting indeed

Take care.


3 thoughts on “All in less than a week!!

  1. cool, where did you guys see ostrich???

    saw 2 about a year ago on java dam access, but they just ran away….clearly very lost!

  2. Your images are stunning Morné! I particularly like the lighting shot as I imagine that is not so easy to do…and so well on top of it.

    It seems like it has been an exciting week as always. Thanks for taking the time to share your images and experiences with everyone.

  3. We would just like to say that your images allow us to re-live the exciting time that we spent in Kings Camp, they also brighten up what is a very dull day in the office!! Thank you for sharing these, keep them coming!

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