Amazing Leopards!!

By Morné Hamlyn on March 30, 2008

The last three game drives was just amazing…

Leopards were seen all over the traversing area.

We had Mangajani, the dominant male, on a impala kill at Hide dam. Then, on consecutive drives we saw the Rockfig female stalking impalas and the Rockfig jr. female (previous offspring) stalking a steenbok. Both were not successful though, but it was still brilliant to see.
Drinking water @ Hide damRockfig jr. stalking a steenbuck
Rockfig female stalking impala this morning near Elephant Dam

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6 thoughts on “Amazing Leopards!!

  1. What a wonderful experience. Thanks Colbert, Cynet, Sam, Remember and to all the staff at Kings Camp. Got some great photos. Ate too much of the wonderful food

  2. This hotel we remembered very happy we went to my husband my family and I..we steyed 4 days in 2003. we saw the big five animlas.we must be cameback this year.If we can we will going again.

    This hotel is very contfortable you can

    relaxin a lot.

    see you soon.

  3. I concur with Patrick. The second image is stunning. The composition of Rockfig’s body against the tall grass is amazing. You can see how beautiful and powerful this animal truly is.

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