Another kill for the Shobele pride

By Patrick O’Brien on April 14, 2008

The pride is on a roll

at the moment with no less than 3 kills made during the last 7 days.

The pride is looking good,confident and they were last seen tracking a small herd of zebra.

The dominant Shobele was found last night in the Nharalumi River a few hundred meters from the camp. He roared the entire night and it is good to have him back so close to Kings Camp.

By Patrick O‘Brien – Head Guide

Shobele lioness hunting - Patrick O'Brien Head Giude

3 thoughts on “Another kill for the Shobele pride

  1. Patrick,

    Just curious, how have the young cubs that we saw from the Shobele pride (last August) faired? If I recall correctly, they had a precarious future depending on the old male’s ability to fend off his competition, no?

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Hi Todd. Theses are the same little guys. They are doing well though same days are bumpy. The dominant male still successfully manage to hold off any threat. He has been doing a great job making sure his cubs are protected in theses dangerous times. He is without a doubt the most successful male that I have ever seen. I am hoping that you and John will see him in August. Chat soon.

    Ciao Patrick.

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