Another kill in the Camp!!!

By Morné Hamlyn on February 3, 2009

Our guests are not the only ones enjoying the unspoilt ambience of Kings Camp…

The Wild Dogs made another kill in the camp!!

The staff was as excited as the dogs about the kill!!!

Some of the photo’s may be blurry because of low light conditions…

Why are you not running? Image:Morné HamlynBetween rooms 9 & 10. Image: Morné Hamlyn
On the kill close to room 9. Image: Morné HamlynWarren, Sveva and Derrick watching the dogs. Image: Morné Hamlyn
Everyone had a peek... Image: Morné Hamlyn

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3 thoughts on “Another kill in the Camp!!!

  1. This is exciting. It is amazing how fearless the Wild Dogs are about approaching the camp.I have not seen Wild Dofs in South Africa, so this is a treat.

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