Another kill!

By Morné Hamlyn on October 19, 2009

Rockfig Jr. leopardess makes a kill this morning…

We headed out this morning to follow up on the Rockfig Jr. female to see what was left of the Grey Duiker kill she had in a nearby tree during yesterday.
In the tree with the duiker kill
Another vehicle was already on location when we arrived and informed us thas she was grooming under the tree with quite a bit of the kill still up there.
As we positioned ourselves for a good view she suddenly got very active and started stalking past us, clearly interrested in something. My tracker Selby pointed out to a single Impala female wandering closer to where the Leopard has moved. Clearly unaware of the Leopard the Impala carried on feeding closer towards us. The Leopard kept stalking closer everytime the Impala grazed or groomed, using the minimal cover available. After about 35 minutes she ended up right behind the Impala, maybe about 6-7 meters away! The Impala looked around and as she turned to groom the Leopard pounced onto her back and rolled it over to get grip onto the throat.
Right after the take downGetting better grip.
The last breath.Heavy work.
Dragging towards cover.A job well done.
It just goes to show how oppertunistic these predators are!

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11 thoughts on “Another kill!

  1. Morné, lovely story and description of events! The 35 minute wait obviously worth it. Rather envious sitting in Jhb!

  2. A huge thanks to both you and Selby for guiding us to view this experience. Although I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see it or not, it ended up being very fascinating. Definately an experience I will always remember.

  3. Thanks Morné..great pics of the action…good to hear Rockfig Jr is thriving well.

    ps.. Is she celebrating her 5th birthday this week?

    Stay well, stay safe.

  4. Nice Morné,

    Appears opportunity came knocking for everyone involved! What a thrill for your guests to have witnessed a kill.

    Great photos and backstory,


  5. Great photos…brings back memories of two years ago this October when my daughter, Krishelle and I were as Kings camp and saw a similar kill. My heart will always be in Africa. It is great getting updates and photos of what is going on. Enjoyed the great photos Patrick took of the cape buffalo attacked by the male lions last week.,,sounds like alot of action for the guests and guides. Carolyn Tanner

  6. As always superb photos, sounds very exciting makes me so envious, keep up the good work.

    Regards to all at King?s

  7. So bummed we missed the kill, but seeing the Leopardess and her kill (which she hid under that tree) was incredible – something we’ll never forget!

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