Another memorable visit to Kings Camp

By Kings Camp Team on September 8, 2010

August 20 was our eagerly anticipated return to Kings Camp after three years. What a treat!

The beautiful leopardess, Ntombi, graced us with her presence on several occasions. One morning the local impala “busted” her with their warning barking on her AM hunt. Graceful lady that she is, we later saw her posing on a rock during our last game drive.
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The mellow, Matengatenga, lazied in the sun. What a sweet face this boy has… if a rhino can be cute, he‘s the one! And, of course, the cape buffalo checked us out.
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Last, but not least, the two legged “hotties” made our game drives educational and fun. Thanks, Patrick and Albert!!!!
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Lon and Joy

Camarillo, CA

5 thoughts on “Another memorable visit to Kings Camp

  1. Hi Joy.

    It is Patrick here. Thank you for the lovely words and the effort in posting your experience on the blog. I have been trying to email you. I send mail via the blog. Can you let me know if you received it? Hug Patrick

    Nice pics.

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