By Kings Camp Team on October 4, 2008

The latest addition to King’s Camp….

Exactly one week ago a very precious 8 day old tree squirrel came into our lives.

Anne-Marie and Sunny-Boy found her under the upper deck. Her eyes were only just starting to open and she was so very tiny still. They brought her to me in the office and now Morné & I have adopted her and will raise her.
She is doing very well and has put on some weight in the week since she has joined the family.

We will keep you updated on how little Miemie is growing….!
Melissa feeding Miemie.In My Hand.

5 thoughts on “BABY ALERT!!!

  1. Congratulations on the special addition to your family and to the camp Morné. I wish you and Melissa much success in nurturing this gift.

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