Beautiful Rockfig leopardess

By Patrick O’Brien on September 24, 2008

Just a few days ago we saw our resident leopardess Rockfig with her cub.

I mentioned previously on the blog that it was the best sighting of the month and posted new images of the cub. I did not get the chance to add mother though but now I would like to share this great image of her resting in the tri-coloured bush watching her little cub.
Rockfig Leopardess By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide

By Patrick O‘Brien
Head Guide
Kings Camp

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Rockfig leopardess

  1. The color and the composition are wonderful. The subtle hint of green against the oranges and gold are beautiful. I also noticed the juxtapostion of her tail. From her eyes, I wonder what she is thinking about?

  2. If that isn’t picture postcard perfect, I don’t know what is. What a beauty!!!

    ..and what a pose! 🙂

    Joy, Camarillo

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