Big Tusker!!

By Morné Hamlyn on July 4, 2008

This large Elephant joined us for a drink at camp this morning…

Drinking water... Photography, Morné Hamlyn
It is not often that we experience a sighting of such a beautiful looking Elephant with large tusks. We were all surprised when he showed up at the waterhole to drink…
Tusker. Photography, Morné Hamlyn

Large tusked Elephants are not common sightings at all and this will be one to remember!!

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5 thoughts on “Big Tusker!!

  1. Very nice! There’s a beer from Kenya called Tusker . . . he looks just like the label.


  2. This was a lovely sighting… Hope he comes to visit us again soon…. Great photos Morn

  3. Hi to all In the bush,

    Fantastic photos again Morné.

    Keeps us all going back here in the soggy Isle!

  4. We saw him one night while we were there in June. He was at the water hole that time also. I have a picture of him, but it’s a terrible one, because there was very little light. I’m glad you caught him in the daylight.

    Thanks for the pictures!

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