Black Rhino seen!

By Morné Hamlyn on May 28, 2012

My guests and I got a nice rare treat yesterday morning…

I picked up on a call over the radio from one of our neighbouring rangers that he spotted a Black Rhino on the boundary between our two properties! We dashed over and while carefully driving around, not to cause too much disturbance, we got a few glimpses of this very rare beast in very dence vegetation. I did not get a picture nor did my guests, but this image was taken by Heather Franklin, a guest from the Tanda Tula vehicle that initially found it.
Timbavati Black rhino
Thanks to Tanda Tula Safari Camp and Heather Franklin for the photograph.

This was only my second ever Black Rhino sighting (in nearly 12 years) and the first for me in the Timbavati/Kruger area!

Black Rhino numbers are estimated at about 500-600 in the whole Greater-Kruger conservancy.

We’ll keep you posted if any more sightings are reported.

Kindest Regards,
Morné Hamlyn

10 thoughts on “Black Rhino seen!

  1. Beautiful !!!! i have also never seen one, must have been great!!

    Also, just a congratulations to Maggy on the birth of her son… All our love and regards to the whole team, hope to see you guys soon.

  2. WOW WOW WOW, and then some!!! What a dream come true and such a privilege for you all to see. Also many congrats to Maggie and her new little boy. Keep well, miss you all xoxoxo

  3. i wish you wouldn’t write about the rhino sightings. now that it’s known that there is a black rhino in your area, i hope we don’t also read of it as a statistic in rhino deaths, too.

  4. We do limit information as far as any rhino sightings are concerened BUT we do need GOOD news also from time to time…

    This was purely a post celebrating what is a VERY, VERY rare sighting which no one on that vehicles may ever see in their lives again. In my 12 years sightings have only been recorded in our area 6 times. Let’s keep positive thinking alive by not Hiding these beautiful animals but to explore them with caution in mind.

    Kind regards,


  5. Morné,totally agree with your comments. What a wonderful privilege you and the guests had of the rare sighting.The photo is the proof thanks for acquiring it. Regards to the team and Remember.

  6. We are keeping up with the different tactics for protecting rhinos on private reserves. The plight of rhinos is heartbreaking. The sighting of this beautiful and endangered creature is a bright spot–hopefully southern Africa can preserve what has already been lost in West Africa. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. And we are thrilled for you to have seen it.

  7. How thrilling for you and your guests. I have seen them at Twausulu…sorry, not spelling the name correctly. a real treat.

  8. What a treat! We saw a beauty in Phinda a few years ago and felt very blessed. Hope the species survives!


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