Breath-taking Cheetah sighting

By Patrick O’Brien on July 23, 2008

Cheetah feeding on a Steenbuck

Today during the afternoon game drive as the sun was about to set I was informed of a Cheetah sighting. Knowing just how rare this animal is, I wasted no time in getting to the sighting.

Words are inadequate to describe the sighting. A female Cheetah took down a small antelope known as a Steenbuck minutes before we arrived. Still out of breath she fed quickly before any potential predators arrived.

I will let the images do the rest of talking??????.. Enjoy,,,,,,,,,

By Patrick O‘Brien
Cheetah Hunt by Patrick O'Brien
Cheetah Hunt by Patrick O'Brien
Cheetah Hunt by Patrick O'Brien

5 thoughts on “Breath-taking Cheetah sighting

  1. When we visited you Cynet drove us up to a two beautiful Cheetahs, a mother and her young male offspring. They just posed and posed and we got the most awesome photos of them. We would be happy to forward them to you! Keith and Kristin Volberg

  2. Congratulations on the Cheetah sighting Patrick. I can appreciate how special it is to see a Cheetah in Kruger, let alone a Cheetah with a kill.

  3. Wow, a cheetah in Kruger!! Congratulations on a great sighting! Your pictures are fabulous…as usual.

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