Charging Leopard

By Patrick O’Brien on November 20, 2009

One of our most viewed young female leopards Nkhanyane is growing up very quickly.

She is spending more time on her own and feeding herself seems to be no problem at all. Her kill rate is good. Considering that has made several kills during the last few weeks. Impala seems to be on her main menu for now but she supplements he diet with smaller animals from birds to lizards and fish.

One of her most recent kills was stolen by a large hyeana. Unable to defend the carcass meant that she was very upset with everything moving around her. This image was captured when she charged a hyena and then redirected her attack to an approaching vehicle. Soon after this aggressive intent we decided to leave her on her own.

This attitude is needed and is a indication that our little girl is growing up to become another relaxed leopardess for us to view in the future.

By Patrick O‘Brien Head guide.
Charging Leopard.By Patrick O‘Brien Head guide

9 thoughts on “Charging Leopard

  1. Hi Patrick, what a beautiful action shot ! I love the flat ears and "angry" face….same behaviour we see in our little house-pet cats (but I’m sure with very different potential outcomes!!)

    Great shot…thanks for sharing.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  2. Perfect shot!

    I believe she was very, very cross and also brave to charge a hyena. She promises well!!!

    All the best to everybody.

  3. Hi patrick.What a beautiful animal you have there. I hope she stays healhy and away from those hyenas. Thanks for sending these awesome photos to us.

  4. HiPatrick, thanks …great action shot …look after her until Deb and I return next May ! Best wishes to all at Kings.

  5. Hot Damn Patrick you nailed it! What an absolutely AMAZING shot. National Geographic cover material.




    Thanks for sharing. You brightened up my day.

    Take care.

    Chris from California

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