Cheetah sighting and research at Kings camp

By Patrick O’Brien on January 20, 2010

The cheetah is one of the most endangered species of large predators within in Africa.

Very little in known about the cheetah population with in the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.

A new research project is now taking place with in the Timbavati Reserve.

The objective of the project is to determine the abundance of cheetahs via a photographic survey. The collecting of faecal samples for DNA extraction and sequencing in order to determine the genetic variability.

Also the home range recruitments and spatial utilisation of cheetahs within the reserve.

I was lucky to find this rare sighting of a female during a morning drive with our guests.

She took down a young impala and waited several minutes to recover from the hunt. Soon after that she took her kill to a thick bush were she consumed it.
Cheetah with kill.Patrick O‘Brien.1
Cheetah with kill. Patrick O'Brien
Cheetah with kill. By Patrick O'Brien
Patrick O‘Brien. Head Guide

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7 thoughts on “Cheetah sighting and research at Kings camp

  1. Hi Jackie.

    I send you email regarding the research. I will aslo let everyone know when the website goes live. Cheers. Patrick

  2. Wow ! it is always good to hear about sightings of the more elusive animals.

    What a treat for you and the guests!

    Stay well, stay safe.

  3. Patrick, you have excelled yourself with these pictures – FANTASTIC!

    We hope the research helps, we have to protect the wildlife.

    All the best,

    Phil & Lynda

  4. Amazing stuff great pics what a great privilege to share that with such an incredible animal. Hope the research goes really well. Once again Patrick incredible photography,.

    Kind REgards Heather and STeve BEswick

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