Cheetah sightings at Kings Camp

By Patrick O’Brien on March 10, 2011

We had no less that 8 cheetah sightings since the beginning of the month.

This is a huge increase for us as we normal would only see an average of 4-6 sightings a month. The 3 sub-adults cheetah that are frequenting our area for the last 5 months are relaxed with the vehicles. I missed the two kills that were made one morning and arrived 15 minutes later. I still had a great sighting as the cheetah started to feed only another 10 minutes later.

They have to wait and cooled down before they feed due to the fact that they tend to over heat when they chase prey of speeds in the excess of 100 kilometers per hour or more sometimes.
One of the 3 young sub-adult Cheetahs at Kings Camp
By Patrick O’Brien Head giude Kings Camp

7 thoughts on “Cheetah sightings at Kings Camp

  1. Why oh why couldn’t they have been about when we were with you?!! We saw EVERYTHING except Cheetah! All joking aside it’s good to hear that there are a few of these beautiful rareties about.

    All the best to everybody,

  2. Hey Patrick,

    Awesome news! Do you have a theory why there is an increase in the number of sightings? Have there been any additional cheetahs re-introduced in the area?



  3. Hey Todd,

    Good to hear from you.

    Jes it is amazing news to have the cheetahs around at the moment.

    Their movements are sporadic but fortunately include our area. Young animals of this nature are often nomadic for the first few years.

    I am sure we will be seeing this young dynamic team again during the next few months.

    No, they have not been re-introduced in the area. They are the offspring of a resident female know as the F6 female by the scientist. They are approximately 22 months old.



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