By Morné Hamlyn on June 6, 2009

Amazing luck this morning…

Kings Camp vehicle & Cheetah. By Morné Hamlyn
This beautiful male Cheetah surprized us this morning right at the camp! He was super relaxed and gave all of us an amazing sighting. Cheetah sightings are always special, keeping in mind that they are on the endangered species list.

He was on the look out for impala’s in the open area close by and we hope that he has some luck filling his tummy through the day.

We’ll keep you posted…
By Morné HamlynBy Morné Hamlyn

Chat soon,


10 thoughts on “Cheetah!!

  1. Awesome Morné! Great photos . . . I hope he sticks around and provides you and your guests some wonderful game viewing. Lekker that Melissa was with you.



  2. I didn’t have the chance to see it when I was there, but now I’m happy, it’s really great, like being there again!

    Thank you for your pictures Morné, they make me share your days!


  3. What a handsome looking animal!!

    Wish I’d seen one when I was there in Feb. Thanks Morné, for sharing with us.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  4. What a fantastic sighting. This Cheetah stands definitely as a proud animal.I cannot believe how relaxed he is. Congratulations.

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