Excellent leopard sightings

By Patrick O’Brien on November 9, 2008

Our leopard sightings during the last few days have been excellent………….

We had Macunjani, our resident male leopard on a kill in a tree for 3 days.

A day later, the beautiful Rockfig leopardess with her cub was found feeding on a smaller impala.She almost lost her prize kill to the Shobele male lion. Fortunately, she mangaed to place it high up in a tree where he could not get to it.

Later on, she settled on a termite mound not far from the carcass scanning the area for the marauding Shobele male whilst her cub fed in safety high up in the tree.

I managed to capture the following images of her on a termite mound.

By Patrick O‘Brien. Head guide.
Rockfig Leopardess. By Patrick O'Brien Head Giude. Copyright 2008.
Rockfig Leopardess.By Patrick O'Brien Head Giude. Copyright 2008.
Leopard cub feeding on impala.By Patrick O'Brien Head Giude. Copyright 2008.
Macunjani our resident male leopard. By Patrick O'Brien Head Giude.Copyright 2008

3 thoughts on “Excellent leopard sightings

  1. What an incredible vertical shot of the Rockfig Leopardess! The photograph of the Rockfig facing the camera is publishable. She is my favorite. Her green eyes are captivating. We spent a good amount of time with the Rockfig female and her cub in August.

  2. Oh Patrick,

    The picture of Macunjani coming down the tree is awesome. I love how you caught the Impala’s? head dangling in the tree above him. Once again, your photos leave me breathless.

    Take care.


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