Fantastic week of sightings

By Patrick O’Brien on September 2, 2009

The game sightings have been excellent during the last few days.

Sightings included the 3 Ghlathini males that killed an adult male giraffe. Feeding lasted only 3 days before they mysteriously abandon the carcass.
Lion feeding on giraffe carcass. By Patrick O‘Brien.
The hyenas had there turn which turned out to be a better sighting than the lion sighting. This once in a lifetime sighting I shared with my return German guests Simon and Sandra. Welcome back. It was great to have you join me on drive again.
Hyena cub feeding on giraffe carcass. By Patrick O‘Brien.
An apprehensive moment for the clan. By Patrick O'Brien.
Feeding adult hyeana. By Patrick O‘Brien
Albert my tracker and I had the opportunity to share some of our bush knowledge with a very young and interesting girl named Megan. Megan was accompanied by her grandparents and stayed several days at Kings Camp. Megan showed an interest in animal tracks and Albert was more than happy to share his skill with Megan.
Albert my tracker and Megan. By Patrick O‘Brien.
Again the trackers of Kings Camp found another hyeana den. This is a huge bonus to any safari experience. This is one seriously underrated a-pex predator and to witness this animal in the wild at a den a better than some lions sightings. Believe me!!!!!!
One of my luckiest photographs I have captured this year. By Patrick O‘Brien.
Finally our most legendary leopardess the Rockfig leopardess appears to be improving from the injured she sustained 8 weeks ago. However the wound on her ear still looks terrible but I have a good feeling that she will make a full recovery.
Rockfig resting after a feeding. By Patrick O‘Brien
Rockfig leopardess the injured ear. By Patrick O‘Brien.

6 thoughts on “Fantastic week of sightings

  1. Hi Patrick,

    It is cool of you to mention some of your guests by name on the blog. As one who has had the honor of being schooled in the fine art of tracking by Albert, Megan is an extremely lucky girl . . . he is the best!



  2. Great pics once again Patrick !! I sure hope Rockfig recovers from that ear injury…it looks aweful..hope the "old girl" is not in pain. What kind of animal do you think she tangled with?

    Stay well, stay safe.



  3. Hi Patrick,

    That ear looks very sore!! It was great to see all those sightings. Please thank all at the Lodge from us, we had an awesome time. Will be posting some pics soon…



  4. Its been two years since my mom and I came out to the Camp but we love seeing all the updates. Kings Camp was by far the best game viewing and accommodations of the entire trip… Pat- you were an incredible guide!!! Hope to get back there one day… If you ever make it to California- we can repay the favor and show you around.

  5. I agree with Krishelle. Patrick you are an incredible guide and I want to come back one day as well. In the meantime your pictures mean so much. Absolutely beautiful.

  6. What an amazing week of sightings. The Giraffe feeding was extraordinary. As always, the photos were fantastic and really captured some rare moments. I could almost hear the ravenous eating by the Lions and Hyena.

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