Fighting Lions

By Patrick O’Brien on July 24, 2008

A big catfight was sighted at one of the large dams.

Machattan dam appears to be a hot spot at the moment. Three kills recorded during the last 12 days one of which was a large Kudu bull that drowned in the dam. The carcass remained submerge for 5 days before the resident clan of hyenas dragged it out of the water only to be stolen by the infamous Machattan pride. Unfortunately Machattan pride ran out of luck when the 3 nomads arrived and chased them off the carcass.

One of the lionesses tried to salvage a bit of the carcass but she was attacked by one of the males. Submissively she turned on her side to indicate her passive intension.

By Patrick O‘Brien. Head guide
Fighting lions By Patrick O‘Brien. Head guide
Fighting lions By Patrick O‘Brien. Head guide

3 thoughts on “Fighting Lions

  1. Hi Patrick,

    I was wondering which males are the dominant ones for the Machattan Pride? Is the Sohbele (sp?) male still going strong?

  2. Hi Brett

    At the moment we don’t have dominate male that controls the southern sector. However 2 old males from the west now and again makes an appearance and beats everyone young male up. this will chance in the future.

    The 3 young males that have been trying to take control are not doing a bad job. they are still young and i think we have to wait before i am willing to comment on them yet.

    The Shobele male is doing well. He looks as good as ever. A true champ

    Take care and thanks for showing interest in our world of wonder.


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