Finally my first sighting of our new leopard cubs

By Patrick O’Brien on February 16, 2010

And I have wonderful new images of them to share with you.

I have been trying to see these little guys for more than 6 weeks now.

Every time I get an opportunity to see them they either move from the spot or I am office constrained due to work.

I have seen numerous leopard cubs from multiple female leopards in my career as a wildlife guide. But ever time I see this wonderful animal so young and small, my heart wants to burst out in joy.

This morning Albert and I went out looking for them and as luck would have it we found tracks of mom in the riverbed. Several minutes later we found them feeding on a carcass in dense bush. Visual was initially poor and we opted to stay a while longer in order to get a better view of them. No more than 5 minutes later both cubs were playing right in front of my vehicle. One of the cubs was showing a great deal of interest in us and approached without a worry in the world.

I took an image of the cub so close that I had to zoom out in order to get it in full frame. The angle of the image will give you an idea of just how close this little guy got to the vehicle. Just amazing isn‘t it. Both cubs are healthy. It appears that one is a female and the other a male. Watch this blog, as I will be posting frequent updates of them in the next few weeks.
Enjoy the images that I was so fortunate to capture this morning.

Patrick O‘Brien. Head Guide

Email: mail@Mandevo-wildlifephotography

Rockfig Jnr Leopardess and her new cub.By Patrick O‘Brien.
This 12-week-old cub was a meter away from my door. By Patrick O‘Brien.

14 thoughts on “Finally my first sighting of our new leopard cubs

  1. OMG Patrick!! that is just amazing and beautiful!! Such innocense…getting that close to the vehicle totally unaware of fear of humans. What a treat for you and Albert!

    Last year this time I was there enjoying Rockfig viewings….wish I was there now to see these little ones! Maybe later this year.

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences and photos.

    Stay well, stay safe.

  2. Hi Patrick,

    It is so nice to see your update on the blog again. Congratulations on your find and thanks for sharing the experience. May I ask who the lucky mother is? (may have been shared already) Give Albert my best!



  3. How totally precious and how very, very special. Look forward to your next postings of Rockfig Jr and cubs. So hope to see these jongens in Ausgust!.. Special regards to you and Albert!


    joy in Camarillo Ca

  4. Howzit Patrick!

    Glad you got to see them, and glad Rockfig Jnr is far more relaxed with her cubs than her mom was with her – should provide loads of sightings over the next year and a half if all goes well!

    that pic of them together in the Machaton is great -wonderful colours….looking forward to more

  5. Good things come to those who wait… congratulations on this amazing reward for your patience. The cubs are fantastic. I hope they enjoy a wonderful life in Timbavati. I cannot wait to read about their development.

  6. How exquisite the leopards are and how very special for the little cub to be so curious and fearless about approaching your vehicle. Thanks for the great photos! I am the friend of Chris and Barbara from California and I met you last June of 2009.

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