First Week as Sous Chef

By Kings Camp Team on August 5, 2014

I’ve just started working as a chef at Kings Camp Lodge. So I’ll be sharing my life in the kitchen and camp as well as lots of yummy recipes.

If I had to describe my overall feeling from this week it would be isolation. Strange. I’m challenged, inspired and busy. I’m learning lots about how a lodge operates and the kitchen in general. I’ve had an amazing time putting together meals and menus, thinking through flavour combinations, texture, colour and availability. So many aspects play a role in the development of a fine-dining menu – it’s a wonderful process.

But at the end of my shift I come back to my room and I’m in my own head. I’ve been exercising, writing, reading and listening to more music for the first time in ages. But I feel disconnected. I’m sure I’ll get used to this quiet, the lack of tv, radio, cell phone reception and internet. I think perhaps it shows that I was one of the masses addicted to being entertained and distracted.

So now I have none of that and I need to learn to entertain myself. The simple process of making a cup of tea has taken on significance since I have the time to do it properly. If you can take the time perhaps try this anti-inflammatory tea. It’s satisfying, warming and satisfies a sweet tooth.

Recipe – Turmeric Tea

Find fresh turmeric root if at all possible OR get dried, non-irradiated from your local health shop.

Use a micro-plane or zester and grate a small amount (thumbnail) into a small saucepan.

Grate half the amount of fresh ginger.

Add a pinch of black pepper (to ensure your body absorbs the turmeric)

Add a cup of milk – preferable lactose free – try oat, almond, coconut or rice milk which all have a natural sweetness.

Heat till it just starts to froth but not boil. Turn the heat off and cover to infuse for 5 minutes. If you have a frother or can heat with steam – this adds a lovely creaminess. In Malaysia and Singapor the ‘Pull the Tea’ but I haven’t got that right in the Timbavati yet;)

The Art of Pulling TeaPour into a warmed cup and sweeten with raw honey to taste.

Drink daily to help with arthritis, aches and pains in the joints, psoriasis, Crohn’s disease and other inflammatory conditions or just to warm you up.


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