By Morné Hamlyn on January 21, 2012

As most of you may know, we had mjor floods between 17 & 19 January 2012

In just short of 48 hours we measured 346.5 mm (13.64 inches) of rain. We only average 400 – 450 mm per year! This was caused by Cyclone Dando.
Only the tail of Dando caused this
Due to the heavy rain and floods the main access into the reserve eroded out and it caused a few massive 20 – 30 m ‘gorges’ and no vehicles can reach camp for major deliveries like diesel at this point. Smaller things we carry across from suppliers to the Land Rovers.
Argyle main road
We lost our main electricity and our main water pump. At this point in time we run our generator (5 hrs per day as we are having difficulty to get diesel in), a stand-by water pump and skeleton staff to limit usage on available resources. Everything in camp is at this stage still very damp but we are very fortunate not to have excessive structural damage caused.
View from poolFrom room 4
ReceptionPool area
Room 8 pathwayRoom 8
Room 10 & 11Waterbuck view, river down
River calmingDisplaced sand
After hours funAfter hours
They are predicting more rain towards next week (Cyclone Funso) which may miss, but we are prepared and buffered the rooms by moving everything out of waters reach. We are currently busy with damage control and are busy fixing the main access into the lodge.
Cyclone funsoFunso
We’ll keep you updated on our progress when we have enough power to work with!

Take Care!

Morné Hamlyn and ALL at KINGS CAMP.

18 thoughts on “FLOODS

  1. Oh my goodness you have had it rough the past few days! So sorry to hear this! Here in the Fraser Valley of BC, Canada, we have had unusually cold weather and lots of blowing snow which has now turned to freezing rain, but next 5 days predicts heavy rain so we too could have some flooding, but nothing like what you have experienced. Keep safe! I know the place will be looking its usual gorgeous self in no time! We enjoyed our stay immensely from Nov 13 – 16

  2. Morné, thanks for this very interesting post, and the illustrative images. I think this has been the most revealing of all the flood articles I have seen so far.

    I am really pleased to hear you guys are ok though, and hope life will return to normal for you guys soon.

  3. Mother nature is cruel and in the years I have been to Kings Camp I have never seen the river full, always dry!! We hope everything can get sorted soon and the main thing is that Warren, Lisha, kids and all staff stay together and safe, love Rachael, Roy and Ella xx

  4. Sounds like you’ve all been working like trojans to safeguard as much as possible but the main thing is to keep youselves safe!! Glad you managed to have a bit of fun too. Really hope Cyclone Funso misses or at the very least does’nt do much more harm. Much love to you all xoxoxo

  5. Morné, great situation report and pictures. You’ve had quite a time! So glad no injuries reported. Thinking about you all. Take great care.


  6. Amazing pictures,good to see you having fun.Hope everyone is ok.

    I guess the animals coped alright and there was’nt any losses?

    Take care,

    Sally Ansell.

  7. Wow, very disturbing post. So sorry everyone at Kings is going through this awful situation. Keep your heads up, this too will pass. -Joe

  8. Glad everyone is safe with no injuries and hope the wildlife have faired ok too. Pleased there has been no structural damage to such a great place Regards Chris Parker

  9. Glad you all got back to camp safe

    thanking of you all

    lots of hard work now to get back to normal ,hope th nxt lot miss you

    take care

    Bob Glyn Newman

  10. Morné, We are thinking of all of you at King’s Camp, glad you are safe and hope any future storms miss. It must be really hard on the wildlife. You all are a great team and know you’ll get everything back up and running. Thanks for sharing. We have great memories of King’s Camp and will return. Take care and our best wishes to all. Binth and Normand

  11. Glad you are all ok and good luck with the clean-up operation! Thank for the update, we were beginning to wonder if you were all safe. Let’s just hope the next one gives you a miss!!! Take care all


  12. Is it true that Patrick is giving swimming lessons, and Tristan is giving riverside massages?! Seriously, thank goodness everyone is safe and hopefully the animals, too….Take care

  13. OMG! Mother Nature unleashing.

    Glad to hear you are all ok and coping, even having some fun in such a challenging situation….indicitive of the great team at Kingscamp!

    Lets all hope and pray the next one stays out at sea.

    Thanks Morné, your report and pics really tells it all…wow. Hope all gets back to normal there soon.

    Stay well, stay safe.

    Kindest regards.


  14. OMG! Looks like California when we have our flash floods! The watering hole now looks like a lake…and the river…. Amazing. Glad to learn that you all are OK.


  15. So sorry. We have huge rainstorms in Houston but 13 inches is above and beyond! Hope life has improved….no power is tough….even with auxilloray for a few hours it is awful. Stay safe


  16. So sorry to hear about the flooding. I so treasure the memories of my visit there with my daughter. Looking at all the pictures makes me wish to visit all of you again.

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