Flower Tales: Ceylon Plumbago

By Kings Camp Team on February 23, 2023

This marks the inaugural post of our monthly flower-themed inserts by Karolina Lasse, one of the guides at Kings Camp.

Flower Jewellery in the Bush

Common Name: Ceylon Plumbago or Wild White Leadwort
Latin: Plumbago zeylanica | Plumbago auriculata

Flowers are pretty, we all know that. But decorating the world around us isn’t all that flowers are good for. In fact, for many children who grew up in the area surrounding Kings Camp, the plumbago flower was an essential part of playtime.

This plant has adhesive barbs – essential for attaching to insects who disperse their seeds – but its tacky quality also makes it perfect for dress up. Children attach the flowers to their earlobes to create nature’s very own earrings!

The plumbago isn’t only popular among children, it is also a great ornamental plant because of its evergreen properties. Under the right conditions, plumbagos can bloom year-round.

You’ll find this pretty flower growing all over Kings Camp, so be sure to collect a pair of bush “earrings” the next time you come and visit us.

– Karolina Lasse

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