Flying Albert

By Patrick O’Brien on October 18, 2010

Albert my tracker took to the sky for the first time in his life on Sunday.

Albert has never been in any aircraft of any sort. This all changed on Sunday when I asked Patrick Siebel, one of our Managing Directors of Seasons in Africa, to please take Albert for a flip. He agreed and I have not seen Albert smile this large ever.

Albert told me after his flip that it was incredible.

Thank you Patrick for making Albert‘s wish come true.
Albert in training by Patrick O'Brien
Patrick Siebel and Albert by Patrick O'Brien
Away they go by Patrick O'Brien

15 thoughts on “Flying Albert

  1. What a great experience for Albert!

    Does this mean you two will treat guests to a "game fly" instead of a game drive? (wishful thinking)

    Stay well, stay safe.

    Kindest regards.


  2. And what a beautiful smile it is!

    Miss you both!

    I like Moira’s idea of a "game fly".

    Take care.

    Chris from California

  3. That is so awesome! I cannot imagine how thrilled Albert must have been, but his smile says it all.

    You both make such a great team . . . thanks for sharing.


  4. Now that’s what I call a smile! What an experience for Albert to see Kruger from above. Missing Kings Camp & all the wonderful people.


  5. Now that is LEKKER! What a great thing to do for a very great guy! Love that smile, Albert!

    Miss you and Patrick! Joy

  6. What a great experience for Albert!!! Reminds me of the smile I still have when I think of Kings camp and you all..

  7. Absolutely fantastic, I remember talking to Albert about flying and he said he never had and I got the feeling that he thought he never would. I remember watching the "speed fighter" over Timbavati last August and you could see he was fascinated! Great stuff!

    Lots of love


  8. I have been in that seat Albert and it is much fun to fly with Patrick.

    Great job Patrick give all the Siebels a hug!!


  9. Hurrah fror Albert. I guess you cannot keep a good man down. I am so happy and thrilled for Albert. Patrick, what a great life experience you gifted to your friend and partner.

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