Game sighting update

By Patrick O’Brien on May 30, 2009

Game sighting have been great during the last few days.

We are glad to see elephant herds moving back in large numbers. After all this is what Timbavati is famous for. One of the many sightings included a large bull that sat down on his hindquarters mud wallowing. It is unbelievable to see how manoeuvrable these giants can be.
The buffalo herds are found in large numbers. Several herds in the area numbering well over a 1000 in total. This old male seems to like the company of the resident herds.

Last but not least. The most sought after and special sighting of the week has to be the young lioness from the Machattan pride and her 3 new cubs. I was lucky to see them with a few of my guests during a early morning drive.

That‘s all for now folks.
Take care
Kings camp ranger team.

By Patrick O‘Brien – head guide
Immature Martial eagle. By Patrick O‘Brien - head guide
A 6-ton bull elephant. By Patrick O‘Brien - head guide
A hardy male buffalo. By Patrick O‘Brien - head guide
Star on the week, the young Machattan lioness and cubs. By Patrick O‘Brien - head guide

8 thoughts on “Game sighting update

  1. great shots patrick – awesome seeing and photographing those cubs in the open!

    any word on the sohebele females and news on their cubs???

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Very cool . . . what a treat to see the lion cubs at the riverbed no less! I still vividly remember the time we watched the Shobele cubs a couple years back . . . just incredible to witness . . . anytime.



  3. Hi Patrick,

    Glad to see your photos!!! Have missed them lately.The photo of the elephant is awesome!!!!!!! He looks sooooooooo happy!

    Take care.


  4. Hi Patrick, nice pics…the one of the elephant is just sooooo unbelievable ! Although 6tons, he looks like "a mischievious kid having fun in the mud"!

    Keep those pics coming…much appreciated.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  5. The star of the week is postcard perfect. Thank you for capturing and sharing this wonderful image of mother and cub.

  6. Hi Patrick! The bird photo is also fantastic.

    Thanks to all for the updates. We enjoy virtually tagging along.

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