Good day at Machaton dam…

By Morné Hamlyn on October 5, 2008

Some days you just need to stay put at the water!!

The White Rhino was static at the water and we shared the sighting at first with some cape buffaloes…
Buffalo and Rhino. Photography, Morné Hamlyn
and then the matriarch of the local Hyena clan! WOW!!
Hyena and Rhino. Photography, Morné Hamlyn
Chat soon.


3 thoughts on “Good day at Machaton dam…

  1. I love the white rhino in the background . . . looks like the dam was hopping.

    Thanks Morné . . . congrats on your new arrival (baby squirrel).


  2. This must have been awesome for your guests to see 2 of the Big 5 together plus an apex predator. The Machaton Dam is a special place.

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