Great interaction between mother and cub

By Morné Hamlyn on September 28, 2008

There are few things as special as seeing the bond between a female leopard and her cub…

We found the Rockfig female on drive yesterday afternoon and it was soon evident that she was looking for her cub.

It was not long after following her into the bush that Selby, my tracker, noticed the cub in a marula tree about 300m away! We left the mother to wait for their meeting by the cub.
Waiting in the tree. Photography, Morné Hamlyn
It was not long before she arrived to call the young one, who ran out of the tree to meet with its mother for some loving!!
Mother and cub. Photography, Morné Hamlyn
A special sighting for us all.


3 thoughts on “Great interaction between mother and cub

  1. This must have been a lovely sighting! Wish I had been with you for that one… Maybe next time…

    Dankie Liefie Engel

  2. Morné, this is a really special sighting. I recall enjoying the interaction between the beautiful Rockfig Leopardess and her cub on our game drives in August. The cub is growing up, and looks healthy and happy.

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