Growing Up Fast!!

By Kings Camp Team on January 4, 2009

Like all babies she has grown up all too quickly…

Miemie is now 3 months old!! I cant believe how time flys… I planned on putting more regular updates on the blog of her, but we have been SO very busy.

She is such a pleasure to have around and both Morné & I couldn’t love a little squirrel more. She has developed her very own “animality” (as Morné would put it), and knows exactly what she wants and what she doesn’t.
Miemie on top of her old cage
She has formed a very strong bond with Morné & myself, at this stage the only people she allows to touch her other than us is children, but only a select few.
Miemie getting some Love
Well I will try to add photo’s more often so you can see how much she is growing. Till then, Take Care.

5 thoughts on “Growing Up Fast!!

  1. I find this fascinating and am very happy that she has taken to you guys so well. Well done! I look forward to seeing more updates as she grows up…

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