Healthy Living Tips while on Safari

By Kings Camp Team on February 24, 2015

I know we all start the year with good intentions to live better, eat healthier or be nicer. And here we are in February struggling to remember why it was that we decided to give up such a blissful thing as Valentines Day Chocolates.

But if you lived up to your resolution to see more of the world and came on Safari to Kings Camp, then good for you. We hope that you leave us feeling good about yourself and the world in general. In order to do this I have some Healthy Living Tips while on Safari for you.

  1. PROBLEM – Mosquitos and Malaria.

    TIP – Prevention is better than cure. Use an Anti-mosquito spray/cream at all times not just at night. Sleep under your net. If you’re taking Prophylactics continue after your visit as prescribed. Consider covering up in the evenings to lessen exposed skin.

  2. PROBLEM – Heat and Dehydration.

    TIP – Pretty obvious drink lots of water. Soft drinks and coffee do not count! Drink BEFORE you feel thirsty. We have filtered drinking water at Kings Camp which is provided in rooms so you don’t have to keep using plastic bottles.

  3. PROBLEM – Sunburn

    TIP – Wear sunscreen and a hat and long sleeves (even though it’s hot). Reapply sunscreen. Stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day – this is what siestas were invented for so take advantage of them.

  4. PROBLEM – Over Eating and Lack of Energy

    TIP – While we strive to make our food abundant, delicious and irresistible, this can have its pit falls. Guests often feel they’ve over indulged and are left feeling bloated and listless. I suggest tasting tiny bits of everything that tempts you rather than a whole plate full. Eat light in the heat of the afternoon and cut down on carbs and sugary drinks.

    Try to get a little movement into you day – a game walk, a swim, a visit to the gym or a stretch session on your deck.

  5. PROBLEM – Connection frustrations.

    TIP – Yes, this is the bush and no, mobile phones won’t work and wifi is sometimes spotty. But you came here to be in the bush so try turning off all electronics and just accepting the silence… crazy notion I know but worth it I promise. Get a massage, spot a bird, identify a tree, just be without any distraction. The world will get on fine without you and all the details of your busy life will still be waiting for you when you emerge – you just may be in a better state of mind to deal with them all.

I hope these little tips help you leave Kings Camp Lodge feeling good about yourself and the world around you. Stay Healthy.

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