By Kings Camp Team on April 22, 2008

This is why we work so hard!

I‘m 21, probably "the" youngest staff members at Kings Camp, guests might wonder why a mature teenager like me would spent all her time running in the kitchen like a surgical intern.
And believe it or not but I have been asked this on many occasions.
The answer is simple I guess, it would be like asking our guests why Kings Camp?
There are hundreds of holiday destinations in South Africa, why Kings Camp?
It‘s the people, that‘s it! It‘s the staff at Kings!
Yes I know that our guest don‘t come to this patch of earth just to meet our staff, they come to be fed with Wildlife, Peace, Tranquillity, Relaxation, Food and Friendliness.
And that is what we serve on a Silver Platter, I suppose you can call us the "Silver Platter!"
I have to say it‘s peculiar how we all enjoy our work, how we put in that extra little bit of detail even if it wouldn‘t be a disaster if it were forgotten!
Yes we are far from our loved ones, we are far from any civilisation, and yet we enjoy every second, but all of us know that what we do always pays off in the end, and it does, and usually in the smallest ways.
The "clean licked" plates that return to the kitchen to start of with!
People truly enjoy my cooking, I didn‘t have to move through busy hotels moving slowly and painstakingly through the ranks of the Kitchen brigade.
Here at Kings Camp I am the Sous Chef, and I am 21, and I can cook what I want to cook, because that is what our guests enjoy!
I am lucky!!! (She shouts at the top of her voice!)
Yes, we do work hard, but its by choice (and luck!), I‘m not forced to make a 3 hour jus "I just do it, it makes my plate complete" working at Kings Camp makes me complete.
Maybe we all are honeybees, working hard to create perfectly good honey for those around us, and barely seeing a drop, but lets face it, without us the world would be without a whole lot of flowers!

Just keep in mind that when you say "Thank you for all the trouble!" and we reply with "It‘s our pleasure!" it sincerely is.

4 thoughts on “Honeybees!!!

  1. Hi Melinda,

    Having just returned from Kings Camp, my taste buds are crying out loud for your culinary delights – what a great food presentation and selection….compliments to Himmler, yourself and the rest of the kitchen gang – you guys truly compliment the luxury game lodge experience……


  2. Melinda, it is your hard work, enthusiasm and love for cooking that makes my job a whole lot easier. Thank you, and thank you for this lovely post.. I am so looking forward to my visit.. and the feast that awaits…

    See you soon


    (Sales & Marketing)

  3. Seems like you are not going to be able to ever stop writting these Melinda, everyone loves your writting!!! Keep up the good writting!!

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