How much I have grown

By Patrick O’Brien on November 26, 2009

Kuhanya one of our two sub-adults female leopards is getting to spend most of her time on her own.

Mom and daughter interaction is less common and I suspect that Kuhanya will be looking for her own territory in the future. What is just amazing is to see the growth rate of these cats. It feels like the other day when she was barley the size of a house kitten. They grow so quickly. But at the same time I have to remember that it was more than two years ago that she was so small.

Enjoy the latest image of her.
By Patrick O‘Brien

Head guide.
A few months old. By Patrick O'Brien
Two years later. By Patrick O'Brien

5 thoughts on “How much I have grown

  1. Hello Patrick,

    It was two years go when I had the great fortune to see her as a little cub. Morné went on foot to find her and we had a very nice visit. You are so right about how fast they grow.

    Happy Thanksgiving from the U.S.


  2. Looks like a lot of activity at KC recently. Look forward to our visit next August. …and another Happy Thanksgiving from California to all of you Joy

  3. Hi Patrick, great pics as usual…nice to see the comparison. She is certainly all grown up now ! Hope she gets to live a long, healthy life.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Stay well, stay safe.


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