In awe…

By Kings Camp Team on December 10, 2008

Once a clatter on solid wood; not long ago a hardened chest.
Stolen breath and wasted souls; shattered heart within it’s nest.
Beauty remains as time stand still; wintered season within it’s chill.
Once upon a haven’s palace…..change of colour; sea of malice.

Your memory strong, your vision clear. Yet no more laughter; not one cheer to celebrate a time and place so recently so very dear.
Life goes on…and life standing still. Passion forgotten; emptiness raging….nothing remaining but shattered will.
Eternity in eternity: life without love – love….without life. Souls drawn together; hearts once in love, now bitterly drowning in sorrow and strife…
But to You: God in all this – God my creator; God of bliss – a token of gratitude. Your hands-work have filled these eyes with compassion. Your voice have made my heart sincere. One single gaze upon Mother of Nature; a lingered moment within her heart. Gentle whispers, promises of hope… like subtle light from a soft-shaded lamp.
God all-providing, please promise me this: us, together… one night in Kings Camp.

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