Jonathan Leeming training Kings Camp guides and trackers

By Patrick O’Brien on December 2, 2010

It is with great fortune that the Kings Camp guides

& trackers have had the privilege of learning from South Africa‘s scorpion expert: Jonathan Leeming. Jonathan is one of South Africa‘s foremost experts of scorpions and spiders and has recently written the book on this particular subject: “Scorpions of South Africa”.

Kings Camp guides and trackers had the pleasure to be trained by Jonathan Leeming during the last two days.

The objective was to exploring the smaller things in Timbavati especially the Arachnids that are often overlook. The insects, arachnids and bugs that surround us tend to be forgotten in light of the larger, more exciting animals roaming throughout Timbavati. During the last few days we had a lot of fun exploring the scorpions and spiders of our region. We were amazed to discover the specie diversity in our area. We also discovered two of the most venomous scorpions of South Africa.

Jonathan took the rangers digging, scratching and more digging for scorpions in various areas in Kings Camp. Finding 8 different species for examination, these creatures were discussed, handled and understood so that guests staying at Kings Camp will be able too be able to gain a better understanding of scorpions. Jonathan also provided huge insight into how the scorpion fits into the broader eco-system of Timbavati

I took these images of my team at work during the course.

Below is a link to Jonathan website:

From left to right Jonathan,Remember,Cynet,Colbert,Albert, Elvis and Patrick
Remember and Patrick
Several scorpions we found during a morning hunt
Jonathan showing the team how it is done safely.
Chelotonus jonessii
In the glass

3 thoughts on “Jonathan Leeming training Kings Camp guides and trackers

  1. The beasties are much bigger than the ones we have in California! (I’d rather handle a snake!)

    Heard that termites taste much like walnuts. Ever try them?

    Any interesting spiders to show us, Patrick?


  2. This is fascinating Patrick. I am glad to see you and the guides enjoying your continuing education. You had informed and inspired me with this tiny Eco system I had taken for granted. I cannot wait to hear of your new found knowledge on our nature hikes in September.

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