Kings Camp Children Staff Party

By Patrick O’Brien on February 15, 2009

For the third year running now,

I have with the help of the staff members and guests at Kings Camp, given the staff’s children a Christmas party. This has become an annual event much to the delight of the kids.

Most of us spend the festive season with our loved ones. Unfortunately, this is not the case with those people like ourselves that work in the hospitality industry. You tend to become accustomed to working over these periods and remain focused on your work when everyone is on hoilday. We do however find the time to celebrate in a real African way by having a party for our staff’s children who historically come from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Throughout last year, I managed to recieve wonderful donations from our past guests and visitors to Kings Camp.These includes boxes of books, pencils, toys, stationary and hundreds of goodies for the children. To those people who so kindly supported me with your donations, A BIG THANK YOU from me and the children!

The party was a huge success. Merriam, our housekeeping supervisor assisted me in planning and made sure all the children were neatly dressed for the occasion. Thomas our barman was on DJ duty (Maybe we should call him DJ Tommyboy from now on) and Daniella was responsible for handing the gifts out to the kids. I of course was responsible for the photography and just loved the interaction with the children.

Naturally, this meant I had to participate in the dancing too which is not my cup of tea but nevertheless it was great fun and we all had a great time. To be apart of this kind of interaction and to see the joy on the children‘s little faces is difficult to describe to anyone. They are so innocent and loving and it is an absolutely joy to give them a party once a year. With the help of the images you will get a better idea of the feelings and emotions experienced that day.

I would like to thank Lorna Mafata who visited the camp in 2007 for her overwhelming gifts she sent. You have made a world of difference to many children. Without your generous supplies of gifts the party would not be the same. I would also like to thank those guests that I had the privilege of meeting during 2008 that have financially contributed to the party and those who have donated gifts. The children and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Words are inadequate to describe want you have done for us.

Thank you all very much.

From Patrick and all the children at Kings Camp.

A special thank you to:

Lornar Mfata
Daniella Csar
Barbara Sandler
Chris Metoyer
Kathy Casterline
Todd McElmurray
John Gong
Sheryl and Gregg
and to everyone else who contributed in anyway to our Children staff party.
Maggie‘s (Assistant manageress) daughter. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
Getting ready. By Patrick O'Brien Head Guide
Handing out the gifts by Daniella and Merriam .By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
Waiting patiently. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
The girls showing off there gifts. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
Dancing with the children. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
Dancing is hard work. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide
Pure fun. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide
Mama Merriam handing out the gifts. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
Beautiful Patience and her new baby. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
Warren jnr showing his moves. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
Phyllis daughter dressed to kill. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
The girls having fun. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
The team. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide.
Finally, the entire team thanking everyone for the great gifts. By Patrick O‘Brien Head Guide

5 thoughts on “Kings Camp Children Staff Party

  1. What an absolutely wonderful thing to do for the children. Wish I had known before coming this past year so I could have brought gifts. Hopefully I’ll be back and will make sure I bring goodies.

    Blessing to all of you for making those children smile!


  2. How lovely – and like Lynn above me, we too wish we had known about this in advance. We would have assembled a goody bag of treats!

    Count us in for next year. The picture of Phyllis’ daughter is adorable!

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Thank you for the update on this special event. Your organization and planning efforts should also be recognized and you will always have a partner abroad to help donate to the cause.

    All the best to you, the camp staff and their families.


  4. Patrick,

    Thanks for the update and photos from the party – what a truly wonderful event! I also hope to participate next year.

    Many good wishes to all of you for a happy new year!


  5. I want to send money again for the xmas party, please tell me which is the best way to send. M.O. Travlers check personal check, please tell me an address to send it to. I would like this ionf asap I am collecting money from my friends again this year. hope 2009 has found you all well and happy at camp

    Kathy Casterlne

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