Kings Camp – New Leopard Cubs

By Patrick O’Brien on March 24, 2008

New Leopard Cubs

Yes that is right; the following images were taken during last night‘s game drive.

I was able to capture the following images but due to poor light conditions could only publish 2 images of decent quality.

The cubs emerged from a thicket out of curiosity and climbed in to a tree in order to get a better view of us. It was my first sighting of Mbali‘s new cubs. The two cubs are approximately three and a half months old.

Be sure to watch the blog during the next few weeks, as we will be bringing you frequent updates of the development of these little cubs.

Patrick O‘Brien – Head Guide.

 New Leopard Cub By Patrick O'Brien

 New Leopard Cub - By Patrick O'Brien

2 thoughts on “Kings Camp – New Leopard Cubs

  1. Patrick, great adventure and great pictures. what do I need to do to get those 2 pictures a a file? Thanks for everything so far- 2 more game rides to Go!

    Werner, Andrea & Felix

  2. These pictures are fantastic, Patrick! I can’t wait to read stories of these animals as they grow. Wish I was there to see for myself!


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