Lockdown Highlights

By Kings Camp Team on May 29, 2020

Life at Kings Camp has been quite different since the national lockdown began on 26 March 2020. We’ve missed our guests terrribly, but have been doing our best to stay busy and improve on what we can around camp.

Take a look at some of the highlights of life during lockdown at Kings Camp over the past two and a bit months.

Our new vegetable garden

The Kings Camp lockdown crew have been hard at work creating a vegetable garden.

If you have any tips for us let us know! We think our biggest challenge is going to be the monkeys and baboons.

The new guests at camp

We are missing our guests so much, we may have to start taking the resident troop of Monkeys out on game drives. They seemed to have already officially moved into Camp!

Our efforts to help the local communities

Now, more than ever, the local community needs our help. The Kings Camp team have been very busy the last couple of months, finding items to donate to the Timbavati Foundation and Nourish.

Many of the items will go to elderly homes, but also schools, the community and the foundation where they educate the future generation in conservation.

A big thank you also, to Timbavati Private Nature Reserve for collecting the items and distributing to those in need on our behalf.

Chef Nico has been busy

Chef Nico is missing our guests so much, he decided to do some baking.

And who better to donate his cookies too than the Field Rangers and K9 handlers, who are out everyday patrolling and protecting our Rhinos.

We hope they enjoy them and get some much needed energy!

An update on the River Pride

The River Pride has been giving us hours of enterntainment the last couple of months. We are very privilaged that they have made Kings Camp their home and are letting us into their lives.

This amazing footage was taken and edited by Cathan Moore.

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes at Kings Camp HQ. We don’t often post many ”behind the scenes pictures” but we wanted you all to know you are in our thoughts. Our Lockdown crew have been working extra hard to keep Kings Camp up and running, and making sure the Lodge is looking beautiful for when our valued guests return.

Learning during Lockdown

Although the schools in South Africa are currently closed, there really is no better place to learn than in nature.

Cathan, Sveva and Mia are all learning virtually at the moment, and are working hard during school hours.

Then after school they head out on game drives, and let nature and the wildlife be their teachers.

Another sighting of the River Pride cubs

The six lion cubs from the River Pride are very playful and have been seen practising their poses, ready for when we have guests again.

Their individual personalities are starting to show and there is one cub in particular who likes to run up to vehicles when they arrive!

We are yet to determine sexes but there are six in total so place your bets!

Some missed the 'social distancing' memo

These processionary caterpillars clearly didn’t get the ‘social distancing’ memo.

Miles for Mammals

Head Field Guide, Grant Murphy will be running an Ultra Marathan (90.2km/56 Miles!) in the Timbavati on the 14th June.

This is to raise funds for two wildlife causes that he has choosen:

  1. The Timbavati’s K9 conservation unit, who are instramental in the fight against Rhino poaching in the reserve.
  2. Umoya Khulula Wildlife centre, this is a wildlife rehabilitation centre who do an amazing job caring for, and raising all sorts of wild animals and introducing them back into the wild.

Grant will be running ”with the wildlife, for the wildlife”. Please click on the link to DONATE and share far and wide.

Stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates and sightings from Kings Camp. We look forward to welcoming back our guests as soon as possible, but until then stay safe and we’ll see you soon.

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