Machaton & Schobele males…

By Morné Hamlyn on August 14, 2009

A few images out of my collection over the 4 years…

Similar pictures showing the differences between the Shobele and Machaton males…
Pic.1 Shobele male. Morné HamlynPic.2 Machaton male. Morné Hamlyn
In picture 1 note the ‘black’ nose of the Schobele male and the ‘pink’ nose of the Machaton male in picture 2. Also pay attention to the different battle scars.
Pic.3 Schobele male. Morné HamlynPic.4 Machaton male. Morné Hamlyn
Note again the black and pink noses. Also mane differences very evident.
Pic.5 Schobele male. Morné HamlynPic.6 Machaton male. Morné Hamlyn
Note in picture 5 that the bottom right incisor of the Schobele male is broken and not so with the Machaton male in picture 6.

The “older” Machaton male is now between 7 and 8 years old and was born from the Machaton pride with the Shobele male being his “dad”. One can see that good genes grow handsome manes and this easily caused confusion for some between the two of them.

Hope the pictures helps a bit…

Take care,

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6 thoughts on “Machaton & Schobele males…

  1. Thanks Morné….your notes and pics shows us once again the interest and detail Kings’ rangers have, and share, in their wildlife subjects.

    Fantastic !

    Stay well, stay safe.


  2. die appel val nie ver van die boom af nie…you can see they are related, a good set of images…but agree that nose and teeth are key….still want to see pics of the new male down in the south!

  3. Interesting, sure you know, but for all the folks at home, the Sohebele Male was called the Machaton Male until 2000. It was at that stage that the Ingwelala Pride name was changed to Sohebele Pride, and the 3 Machaton males who spent the majority of their time with them, were renamed Sohebele Males. Seems we have gone full circle with the Names, with the Genes and name returning to its heritage.

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