Machattan pride hunting impala

By Patrick O’Brien on April 22, 2010

This dramatic sighting took place this week.

I was on drive with two guests from Ireland.

I don‘t think they had any idea of the luck they would have during one of the morning game drives.

After seeing mating lions earlier on the game drive we I headed to the south of the reserve where the Manhattan lionesses were found.
Mating lions
As we arrived I noticed that the lioness walked 30 meters apart from each other in same direction with there head held low. I realized they were hunting but was not sure what. One lioness moved sharp to the right in a circle around her prey which was standing behind thick bush. I decided to stay with the older more experienced lioness of the pride. She intern laid flat on the ground.

Then with an explosive charge the lioness moved in chasing the now herd of impala to the lioness in tall grass. We saw the lioness jump up in the air and catch the impala

She did a 360 degree turn in a second. After she caught the impala her sister joined in on the feast. One could feel the tension between the lionesses as they ripped the impala with each female claiming part of the catch.
The death grip
The second lions moves it
Then the fight starts

By Patrick O‘Brien

6 thoughts on “Machattan pride hunting impala

  1. Luck of the Irish to see such excitement on a morning drive!! Great photos. Hi from Krishelle and Carolyn Tanner, Oct.2007.. Will always remember our stay at Kings Camp and you as our guide….Carolyn

  2. Luck of the Irish indeed . . . of course it helps to have the best guide/tracker in all of Africa!

    Thanks for sharing,


  3. Three of the most exhilarating days of my life thanks to Morné Hamlyn and Selby. Can’t wait to encourage my friends to head for King’s Ranch asap.


  4. Amazing…what great timing! I can feel the action in your description of the action. Of course, there was more than luck, as you selected the right Lioness to follow. Congratulations on these 2 great sightings.

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