Machattan pride takes down a giraffe

By Patrick O’Brien on July 5, 2011

Yesterday morning at around 5 am the Machattan lionesses took down a young giraffe in the Nharalumi riverbed in front of camp. It was an impressive sight as it was in the open in the dry riverbed. A photographers dream and so I and many other guests clicked away. I took more than 500 images and have the following to share with you. The pride was still feeding this morning and I suspect they will be around the camp for the next 2 days. In fact we could see them in front of the top deck in the camp where we serve our tea and coffee in the morning to guests.

 The start of the feast
 A young male feeding on the head
 Cleaning done my mom
Palying after feeding
Play fight

6 thoughts on “Machattan pride takes down a giraffe

  1. Wow, that is absolutly incredible!!

    you are so lucky to have these oppertunities right on your door step.

    i think our next visit is going to be sooner than we think. the cubs have gotten so big!! really cute aswell.

    Thanks for the great pics!!

  2. Photos are wonderful Patrick! Lionesses are really providing well for their cubs. Thanks again for an amazing experience last week.

  3. Hi Patrick,

    Your photos are excellent (as always). I love the interaction you captured of the cubs. What a treat for the guests to be able to witness from the top deck . . . I probably would have stayed the night there!



  4. What an extraordinary sighting. This unique and unusual interaction, that you expertly photographed, is providing for some special and memorable activities for you and your guests.

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