Macujani defies the odds of death

By Patrick O’Brien on April 28, 2008

Kings Camp most notorious male leopard defies the odd of death.

Our spectacular male leopard Macujani was nearly killed in the early hours of the morning. I am not exactly sure what happened but all evidence points to an aggressive interaction between him and the two Shobele lionesses.

My heart dropped to the bottom of my feet when I saw our majestic male leopard this morning as he walked the road of the tall Mopane woodland.

Wounds from the back legs and side of the right body were obvious.

The wounds appear not to be deep but I am sure it hurts. He found a safe place to rest between the thick woodland and dry riverbed. Fortunately he has a full stomach and I suspect that he won‘t be doing anything for a while. We will keep you posted…

I am confident that he will walk our roads with confidence and grace soon.

By Patrick O‘Brien
Macunjani Male Leopard Sleeping; by Patrick O'Brien

3 thoughts on “Macujani defies the odds of death

  1. My heart goes out for that leopard…. He is my most favourite animal in the whole Timbavati.

    Macujani, hope you recover soon!

  2. Thanks for the comment Anne. I am glad that you are following the reports concerning our resident lions and leopards.

    we will keep you posted concerning any new developments. I just spoke to Morné and he told me that Macunjani was not seen this morning. But I have a good feeling that he will be fine.



  3. Hallo Patrick,

    wir hoffen, dass Macujani bald wieder gesund ist. Es ist ein fantastisch sch?nes Tier und es w?re schade wenn das Reservat ihn verliert.

    Gr??e von Rosi und Annemarie

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