Macujani Male Leopard

By Patrick O’Brien on April 30, 2008

There has been no sighting of Kings Camps resident male leopard, Macujani after the interaction with the lions.

It is now day 3 and still no confirmed sighting of Macujani. I am still not worried about his state of health after the aggressive interaction between him and the Shobele lionesses. I am just happy that he is alive. He is more than likely is resting somewhere in thick vegetation in the northern sector.

As soon as we have a sighting of Macujani during the next few days we will gladly post an update.

By Patrick O‘Brien.
Macujani and Kings Camp Vehicle by Patrick O'Brien

5 thoughts on “Macujani Male Leopard

  1. While we did not see this beautiful boy on our visit in August, I hope that all goes well with him! Your postings are always an inspiration and a joy to read.

  2. Patrick, I was just wondering if Macujani has been spotted yet, since it has almost been a week since this article was posted. I hope everything is OK.

  3. Hi Patrick

    have you seen him yet???

    Can’t wait to come back but I sooooo want to see him again!!!!

  4. Hi

    So…. have you seen him yet??? We all want to know if the he is okay. You are keeping us in suspense!

  5. Hi everyone that has been following the story concerning Macujani.

    Jes it is now finally confirmed he is fine, healthy and actively patrolling again. His first move was to inspect the boundary at Kings Camp and much to my surprise went sleeping a mere 800 meters from the camp in a riverbed. He is looking good and as strong as ever.

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