Macunjani male leopard

By Patrick O’Brien on March 31, 2009

Game sighting are still fairly good and exciting.

The bushveld is changing to a beautiful tawny colour as we approach autumn.

We have started noticing more of the smaller nocturnal life. Two large porcupines have been seen frequently around the camp as we return from drive.

Macunjani is moving great distance every night. This is because a young male leopard has suddenly made an appearance. I still don‘t consider it a real threat for our dominant Macujani, as the new comer is relatively small and younger. The new intruder is more than likely just a young male leopard that has recently left his natal range and is seeking independence.

Fortunately he wont be taking over from Macunjani unless he wants to face 80kg of raw power.

By Patrick O‘Brien – Head Guide
Macunjani resting. By Patrick O‘Brien - Head Guide

7 thoughts on “Macunjani male leopard

  1. Cool to hear about the porcupines . . . I hope you can get an opportunity to photograph. So many times, the smaller animals are forgotten . . .



  2. What a beauty he is!!!’ Always enjoy your postings and your pics, Patrick.

    (This is a bit late, but, me thinks you can dance A-OK! 🙂

    Any news on the Sobeli male lion?

    Ribperile from Joy in Camarillo, CA

  3. The color and composition are extraordinary on this image Patrick. You have beautifully showcased this amazing animal.

  4. A great picture Patrick! We saw him on our very last morning he is an absolutely stunning animal.

    We are hoping to return in winter next year to see the little guys who get missed in summer so it will be nice to follow things through this year.

    All the best Patrick.

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