Macunjani Male Leopard

By Patrick O’Brien on February 6, 2009

Our resident male leopard was seen…

for 3 days feeding on an adult impala carcass east of the camp. The majority of guests that visits Kings Camp see this spectacular animal. He has become a star in his own time no wonder he will be part of a wildlife documentary in the future.

Enjoy the raw yet so real images of this stunning leopard feeding.

Patrick O‘Brien – Head Guide
Patrick O‘Brien - head guide Macunjani feeding
Patrick O‘Brien - head guide Macunjani feeding

6 thoughts on “Macunjani Male Leopard

  1. How is the big boy? I cannot wait to catch the documentary . . . I remember crossing paths with the film crew the last time I was there.



  2. The 2nd shot is GREAT! Exposure and focus are perfect, and I love the depth of field between the paw and the teeth. I’d love to see the RAW version in full resolution.

  3. Patrick,

    Awesome shots,even on my Blackberry!! Bill still waiting for the shot of leopards drinking by the waterhole, and Matt missing you all like crazy (as a Crazy Australian would!!)

  4. Oh Patrick…As usual your pictures are awesome!!! You always seem to capture the essence of the animals you photograph. Any news when the documentary will be ready to view?

    Take care.

    Chris from California

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