By Patrick O’Brien on September 15, 2008

Our resident male, Macunjani was found during the afternoon drive.

Due to the hot conditions, Macunjani decided it was better to sleep off the the heat of the day.

Later that late afternoon when the temperature cooled down, he finally got up and moved west. He was found the next day 10 km further north still patrolling his territory. This animal works hard to control a large section of his range.

No wonder he needs so much sleep. I managed to capture this unusual image of Macunjani stretching before heading off into the sunset. Remarkable, just like a house cat.
By Patrick O‘Brien – head guide Kings Camp
Macunjani stretching By Patrick O‘Brien head guide Kings Camp

3 thoughts on “Macunjani

  1. Sweet man…. It always amazes me how much the Leopards act like house cats with some things…. Really Cute Photo Pat!!

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