Magical last 4 days…

By Morné Hamlyn on February 26, 2010

Here is a brief update of happenings over the last 4 days.

We’ve had some amazing sightings of the Wild dogs (17), Rockfig Jr. and her cubs, the Kubassa pride and the Machatons.

Enjoy the pictures!
Tawny Eagle
Rockfig Jr. & Cubs:
Rockfig Jr.With one cub
Both cubs drinkingHappy family
Very relaxedUp side down
PlayingBug off now!
Wild dogs:
Inquisitive dogResting dog
Machaton & Timbavati male:
Young Machaton maleTimbavati Boy and Machaton lioness

White Lions:
Kubassa pride on killDirty White cub

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18 thoughts on “Magical last 4 days…

  1. What wonderful sightings especially the white lion cubs and Rockfig Jnr’s cubs. Can’t wait till May when we see you all again.

  2. Great photos. A lillte change for us. We are in a blizzard checking house damage from a old oak that hit the conservatory and house. Watching you warm and having fun brings us back to memories of sunny Africa

  3. Looks more than marvellous. My brother Jeff and sister in law Sarah (Seymour) sent this through and I will send it on to my in laws Eileen & Bill Quinn (who are finally on email!!). Maybe one day I’ll get to see this magic.

  4. Thanks Morné! Beautiful pics…of course I especially love Rockfig Jr and her cubs!! There is something about baby animals that just warms the heart.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Stay well, stay safe.


  5. Hi Morné,

    Did you see 17 wild dogs?!? All of the same pack? My last four days were in a stale office enviroment with no special sightings whatsoever . . . so thanks for sharing!

    All the best to you and the lovely Melissa!


  6. Thanks for your fantastic pictures and updates! Rain and wind in northern CA, so seeing these brings back the special memories of my visit in 2007.

  7. Great pics Morné…amazing how the white lion cubs didn’t look so white, then you look at the eyes. Fantastic to have them around.



  8. Thanx for the comments! Yes Drew, they diddnt look so white on the kill… the grass was wet and they had so much blood and guts on them they almost looked tawny. Check othe pic’s on the blog to see how white they really are…

  9. Nice pics morn?, looks like the timbavati is doing well…makes me miss it even more seeing those leopard cubs!

    Reading Drew’s comments remind me of the first time the white lions were found on your property…i was getting ready to go back to Johannesburg when they were radioed in, so i raced down to see them, and was actually disappointed because they werent that white (from the blood and mud after the amazing rain the day before)…it was only when i found them a week later that i realised why they were called "white" lions…they were indeed WHITE! and as dusk approached, their odd colouration became far more apparent compared to their tawny litter mates…was also interesting to see how they stayed low while mom’s were hunting (probably more a cub thing though), only coming out once they mothers had caught the warthog…then they turned dirty again feeding on it!

    See you guys next weekend!

  10. Superb pictures Morné, those Dogs look incredible! Well all of the animals do aswell as that stunning tawny eagle!

  11. Also, I can’t beleive how much bigger the young Machaton male is looking; that mane is really starting to give him some size!

  12. which females are the mahlathini males with??? not good to hear that they are back that far south….hope the xukubasa pride stays away….

  13. Morné-Fabulous pictures once again. wish we had seen the white lions…hopefully, next time.



  14. Fantastic photos, thank you. I am so missing those wild dogs already. Please keep us updated with more photos!! Is this the small pack that we saw when we were there in February?

    Thanks for these photos and updates. Is fantastic to be able to keep up to date with the animals we saw so recently.


  15. Great photo’s Morné.

    Give our best wishes to all the team.

    We are still debating when to come back and visit you.

    VBR, Isabell and Steve

  16. What fantastic photos of Rockfig Jr. and her cubs. I recall just a couple of years ago when she was just a cub.

    In my years of visiting Kings Camp, I have never seen Wild Dogs, let alone the White Lions. Your guests are so lucky.

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