Mancejane Male with Warthog Kill

By Kings Camp Team on February 23, 2009

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Mancejane Male with Warthog Kill…
More pics added!

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10 thoughts on “Mancejane Male with Warthog Kill

  1. What an awesome sighting!!! We positioned the vehicle to view the leopard. At the time he was lying down, half asleep. Suddenly he perked up and looked in the direction of the termite hill in which the warthogs were hiding.

    They had a cosy spot inside a large hole in the mound. The leopard knew they were there and had been waiting there for two days.

    He obviously positioned himself to the side and behind the mound so that he could respond quickly and undetected. We couldn’t see the hole from where we were positioned, but knew something was about to happen when the leopard suddenly stalked the mound, alert and with incredible stealth. He came underneath our vehicle at which time we froze as not to disturb him. We saw the one warthog’s face sticking out behind the mound. He was already on his knees and feeding on the short grass in front of the mound.

    The leopard crouched behind a bush, motionless and readied himself with the classic digging in of his heels. The next moment all hell broke loose!!! The leopard charged through the bush, and snorting sounds indicated severe surprise and shock on the part of the warthog. He obviously focused on the juvenile warthog because this was the only one visual to him and available. After the adrenalin encounter we could make out what happened. I didn’t want to reposition the vehicle without spoiling the leopard’s chances, so we stayed put.

    The photograph indicates the result. A visit to King’s Camp will provide you with these opportunities. But folk, don’t come for only one day. When you stay for more than 2 days it increases your chances to witness truely magnificent wildlife.

    Thanks to John’s patience and skill with the camera, he could capture the spectacle for everybody’s enjoyment.

  2. Spectacular indeed. Well-done John

    Having to seen this kind of predator prey interaction on several occasion is very special. Great capture and perfect focus.

    Patrick- Kings Camp Head guide

  3. Thanks for adding the such a great description of the sighting Andre, it brought the whole experience back! I’ve uploaded a few more shots to complete the picture.

    Also thanks again for always going the extra mile and being such an excellent guide. This was just one of many amazing sightings over the four days that we spent at Kings Camp.

    Thanks also to all the other staff at Kings Camp that made our stay such an amazing and unforgettable experience.

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