Mating Leopards

By Patrick O’Brien on March 21, 2008

Mating Leopards at Kings Camp

We were blessed to see the ritual mating process between Macujani male leopard and Rockfig leopardess along the Nharalumi River yesterday afternoon on drive. It was spectacular as the couple proceeded to mate 7 times in a space of 15 minutes. Really impressive and a rare sighting indeed. Our guests on the vehicle that has been to the bushveld for many years has never seen a sighting of mating leopards. Many guests that stay at Kings Camp are fortunate enough to see a leopard in the bush but to see two mating; well my words are inadequate to explain the sighting. However I have attached a very impressive image of the couple in action. Enjoy?.

Head Guide Patrick

Mating Leopards - Patrick O'Brien

5 thoughts on “Mating Leopards

  1. I was there! Oh, what a thrill for us all on Morme’s vehicle with Selby. Thanks for the opportunity Guys. Rosy Witzmann

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